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Termini correlati:
X-ray machine
achromatic lens
burning glass
convex lens
movie camera
zoom lens

chamber;room;pantry;waiting room

(odaie) = room
(mai ales dormitor sau cameră) = chamber
(mică) = closet
(mică) = cabinet
(o cameră plină) = roomful
pol. chamber
pol. house
tehn. chamber
(a unei arme de foc) = (cartridge) chamber
(la roată) = (inner) tube
(de minge) = bladderCamera agricolă = Chamber of Agriculture
Camera Comunelor (în Anglia) = the House of Commons
Camera Comunelor (în Anglia) = the Lower House
Camera de Comerţ = Chamber of Commerce
Camera Deputaţilor odin. = Chamber of Deputies
Camera Lorzilor (în Anglia) = the House of Lords
cameră de baie = bathroom
cameră de comandă electr. = control chamber
cameră de comandă electr. = switch room
cameră de comandă tehn. = combustion chamber
cameră de culcare / dormit = bedroom
cameră de culcare / dormit = sleeping apartment / room
cameră de explozie tehn. = explosion chamber
cameră de gardă med. = emergency room
cameră de odihnă teatru = green room
cameră de păstrare a bagajelor = check room
cameră de păstrare a bagajelor = cloak room
cameră fotografică = camera
cameră mobilată = furnished room / apartment
camere care comunică între ele / care dau una în alta = connecting rooms.
coleg de cameră = room mate
muzică de cameră = chamber music
o casă cu trei camere = a three-roomed house

to cool one's heels in the waiting-room ● to dance attendance on smb. to do / to tidy a room. to empty / to clear a room. to tidy up / to do the room ● to put the room in order. to go / to step / to walk out of the room ● to leave the room. to tiptoe out (of the room, etc.). to come in like a whirlwind ● to plunge / to tear into the room. to stalk / to sail into the room. to live in rooms. to topsy-turvy a room. to leave smb. out in the cold. to slip into / to edge (one's way) / to flit into a room ● to skulk / to sneak in. to keep to one's room. to throw / to rush smb. out of the room, etc. to lock smb. in a room. to take / to rent a room. to sweep the room with a glance. in the House of Lords ● ~ in another place.

chamber; room

fog-track chamberexpansion chambercloud chamberionization chamber detectornegatoscopefog trackcloud traildiffusion cloud chamberprechambertire tubeinner tubetyre (inner) tubetubebicycle tubeswirlchamberdome-head cylindertire valvemixing / mixture chambercentral(ized) control room (CCR)control roombaffle chamberflah drumcatalyst case / chamberantichamberwellInternational Chamber of Commercebattery roomarc chutedistributing / distribution boxarc blow-out circuit breakermagner (cloud) chambercamera lucidavapo(u) r expansion chambervolume-defined chamberdischarge chamberionization chamberdead roombuilt-up barrelcameraobscura cameracamera obscurachamberstallforebaywater chamberlock chambergate chambercompression chamberinlet chambermud boxgate recesssluice with circular chambersection pitvalve box / chamber / chestslide-valve casingair-cell chambercombustion chambersuction boxsteam chestpre-combustion chamberantechambervolute chambervalve casing / castingblast boxheating chamberbomb / bomb-type calorimeterWilson chamberaccumulating chamberquenching chamberwater bagvacuum chamberanechoic chamberfurnace chamberair boxadmission chambersteam-admission porthemispherical combustion chamberfireboxair chamberspark arrester / catcher / collector / estinguishercellshelf drier

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